wrinkle-crackle crystal specialties

Walter Bjorkman

the tuner in Stone Highway Review, Issue 2.1: September 2012!

stone highway


Driveby in Word Riot!


changeling in Emerge Literary Journal!


Bridges –  Flash fiction at fwriction: review


Two Poems – Contralto & Lineage at Jumping Blue Gods


night approaches at Connotation Press



Ekphrastic Poem & Photograph, Aubade in A-Minor!


Three poems – eaten, repast & digestion at The Scrambler!


uncharted ends at amphibi.us!



Summer/Winter – Poem & Photograph Collaboration with Michelle Elvy, in Blue Print Review


As I Awake in Silent Walk in Blue Print Review


In Pursuit of Possibilities – Collaboration with Angelique Moselle Price in Poets and Artists


Interview of me – The Poetry Chain Gang – with Michelle McEwen at her The Black Telephone


Icy Melt, Photo at One Thousand Shipwrecked Penguins!


How Marzy Got Her Name, short story at Wilderness House Literary Review!


Elsie’s World, a collection of short stories


Poor Man’s Heaven in O&S!


Two Stories, A Bupkis in Gary’s Bonnet & Paper House at Metazen


Lost and Found on the B Train in Winter in Poets and Artists Maagazine



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